Sunday, May 1, 2011

Traveling Story

I have no real story to tell of my travels recently as most of them have been endured by everyone.  But some time ago a man told me this story which is worth repeating.  He was traveling to LA and on arrival there was a woman looking around the carousel area.  He asked her if he could help her, and she said that she was waiting for her dog to come through as she'd traveled from Philadelphia with it.  He suggested that she wait by the area where they unload extra large packages.  Nothing appeared, and so he made inquires for her.  It seemed that the dog had inadvertently been sent on to San Diego, which was the last stop for the plane.  The woman seemed upset so he said to the attendant that he wanted to be sure that the dog would be reunited with its owner, and to call him to let him know.

The next day he was contacted and was told that it had been very upsetting all around.  When the dog arrived in its crate it was seen to be dead.  The authorities saw that it was a a pretty ordinary animal and in a panic they ran around all the shelters to find one that looked the same.  Eventually they found a mongrel that seemed to look right and sent it up to LA to the woman.  Standing at the door with the dog on the end of its leash they rang the bell.  "Here's your dog, lady," the lucky lad said, being totally in the dark about it all.  "That's not my dog,' the woman said.  "My dog's dead!  I brought him out here to bury him."
It seems that in San Diego, the dead dog had been thrown in the trash.  My raconteur didn't know what happened next, but I think it might have been uncomfortable for the airline employees, don't you?.

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