Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We're getting ready for the planting season up here in the mountains.  But beware, there is an old saying:  "Don't plant before Mother's Day!"  But it's hard to take the advice.  After all, the temperatures are up in the 70's every day with bright blue skies - a little chilly in the morning but the sun comes up early.  However, the price for visiting the nursery too early is that you'll be going back there again very soon.  We've all done it!
Our neighbors came up from their home in Las Vegas the other day.  Both keen gardeners, they put a lot of little plantlings in before we had a chance to tell them of the problems with the time of year.  Sadly, most of their efforts have gone for naught.  The temperatures, you see, go down to about 35 at night and that's enough to put a dusting of frost around, which will kill flowers.  As old hands, we'll delay our planting for another week, I think, even though it's Mother's Day on Sunday.

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