Friday, May 27, 2011


The first barbecue I ever had was a very small one in the UK.  Naturally when it came time to try it out the weather turned nasty.  I couldn't get the coals to light and in the end I had to bring each one in individually to hold it over the gas stove - not the most efficient method!

With such a lack of performance, I believe the barbecue was designated to that far corner of the garage, from where nothing ever sees the light of day again.

When we arrived here in the US almost 30 years ago, I had to admit that in the barbecue department I was worse than a novice.

As with all culinary matters, barbecuing is a matter of timing, and you have to learn that by experience.

On the odd occasion we would attend barbecues, where the host would rush about doing all the cooking, and I would marvel at his apparent ease with the fire, knowing that in nearly every other area of food preparation he was useless.  But I learned that he had picked up all he needed to know from watching his dad or some other male relative.  I'm glad to say that I do now know how to do this form of cooking and I have a good grill outside on the patio to work with. No more heating coals on the stove!

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