Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Lost Column

I was bought lunch this week by my editor.  There was no particular reason for this event; the paper is doing well and buying up others in the region.  He was also able to allay my fears of unwanted retirement with the strange disappearance of my column last Sunday.  (I know one particular gentleman up here would have had his entire day spoiled by its absence.)
It is a mystery to us both as it came out in all the other papers.  So my "award winning!" piece on The Ice Castle in Lake Arrowhead is in today.  It's about the practice rink where many of the world's greatest skaters come to hone their skills.  While I as there, I met a couple of young men who were putting on quite the show. Daisuke Mirukami from Japan and Misha Ge from Uzbekistan.  The Ice Castle is open to the public but beware, there are no hand rails!

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