Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There is a way to make money from blogs, where you mention a product and then small amounts of dough trickle in once people buy the stuff.  I decided that this was not for me as I didn't want to make this blog too commercial.  However, while doing my thing at my local market the other day (I was as usual taking my time in the produce section as I truly like vegetables) the manager, Steve, approached me. He reads my blog and said he liked the piece I did on my breafast every day of various fruits and berries.  He said it would be nice to get an endorsement out of it.  So here is it.  PRODUCE SECTION, STATER BROTHERS SUPERMARKET, BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A.  No, I don't expect anything out of it, the stuff you provide is really good, Steve!

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