Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today is a special day as my eldest son, Michael is retiring.  Yes, after some 27 years in the markets he's decided to hang it up.  He's 46.  He came to me about 1983 to say that although he had the qualifications to go to university, he didn't want to do that and instead he wanted to go to the city and make some money.  I thought that was great as at least he knew what he wanted.  So he went to a trading house, then eventually into the money markets.  After a few other moves he went out to Japan, back to the UK and then back to Japan with his lovely wife Eiko.  They have lived there now for about 13 years.
His workmates want to know why he's retiring, and his answer is simply that the reason he's worked so hard is so that he can give it up.  Sensible chap!  Oh, what of the future?  Well, as anyone who knows him will expect, he won't be idle for long.  For those of you worrying that the family is not paying its fair share, my younger son, Simon, is hard at it still, and also daughter, Sue, up in Reno, so taxes are still being paid!

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