Monday, May 2, 2011


One of the first posts I did on this blog was about the problems I had with raccoons.  Pretty little animals but not the sort of chaps you want living on your boat.  Now in fairness, unlike my friend Dave, who's boat it seems was an inducement to wild raccoon parties, they behaved themselves on mine.  Nonetheless, they are quite destructive and had eaten a life jacket that was under one of the seats where they liked to go.  And let's say, they're not exactly house trained, or even boat trained!

So we contacted a lady up here last year and she made a waterproof cover which is kept on with pop studs, and I can report it completely defeated the normally nimble little hands of the invading creatures.  At the end of last season, while the boat was being shrink wrapped and with its cover off, they came around to check on things and their little paw marks were all over the back seat. So they really do seem to like my boat..

Here we are just about to drive the block and a half to the yard for a tune up prior to launching.  I invested heavily in some Mexicans down at the car wash to detail the boat, and I have to say it was worth it as the old girl gussied up nicely.  Happy boating!

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