Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday's Column - Heritage House

Sunday's column is about an historic house in San Bernardino, a city which could certainly use a little culture.  It's the first time I've visited this place and it was an interesting experience.  On the outside sits the original S/B jail, which is just an iron cage with bars and no comfort whatsoever.  I did wonder if we might re-introduce such a punishment from time to time as I'm sure it would cut down on the current rate of recidivism.
San Bernardino's original jail

The house itself is a fine example of a Victorian dwelling and was first built as a "spec" house by a judge who sold it to another judge.

This was in the days when San Bernardino was a respectable place and not run down like it is today - well, most of it.

The decoration around the bottom and the top of the front deck was ordered from a catalogue after the house was built.

The house dates from 1891, and it is a great place to spend some time looking at how things were back in the day!

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