Saturday, May 21, 2011

Music Track - Pomp and Circumstance #4

This is a short version of the march which could easily have been used at the recent royal wedding instead of Crown Imperial.  It's a recording done in 1953 with Sir Malcom Sergant.  He was known as "Flash Harry," as he was always immaculate in his dress.
The very first Promenade Concert I attended in the Royal Albert Hall in London was in 1956.  Somehow my friend and I managed to get into the first row in the very front.  Flash Harry came out in his tails and bowed to everyone.  He then looked down on us in the standing section right in front of him and whispered, "Behave!"  Naturally we did.  The first piece of music played that night was Beethoven's Coriolanus Overture.  It was followed by the Choral Fantasia.  I'm amazed that I should remember such details these 55 years later.

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