Friday, May 6, 2011


Growing up, every morning, my mother would cook a full English breakfast for us.  Eggs, bacon, possibly a tomato and always fried bread.  Now this, like the rest, was cooked in lard which had usually come from the roast beef or lamb cooked every Sunday. Of course, at the time none of us realized we were eating heart attack stuff, although we all managed to survive.  Years later I gave up breakfast completely and ate nothing until lunchtime, along with that I've never been much of a fruit person. So She Who Must Be Obeyed (S.W.M.B.O.) recognized that some improvement could be done on the model and began encouraging me to eat fruit first thing in the morning.
She cuts up the fruit and gives it to me like this every morning.  Strawberry, melon, blueberries and grapes are sometimes accompanied by a chopped banana.  I have to say I've become rather fond of it and in fact I'm nibbling away at it now as I edit this post.

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