Thursday, March 17, 2011


It seems one of the fashions that separates the old from the young is the drinking of water.  If you're under 40 then there's a good chance there's a bottle of water somewhere within reach.  For the older of us mostly we aren't users of the many brands of water available.  I do remember bottles of Malvern Water being on the bar at most pubs in the UK - for the fussy whisky drinkers who required purity.  The image was somewhat tarnished when I found one landlord filling up the bottles from the tap.  Also someone once told me he'd never drink it as he'd seen the sheep on the Malvern Hills piddling all over the place.

Recently however I had an experience which was very much water related.  I had a feeling in my throat as if a large pill had not gone down properly.  It lasted for well over three weeks and so naturally I assumed I had the "Michael Douglas" thing.  I went to the Dr and he referred me to a quite fierce ENT lady.  She looked me over and asked how much water I drank.  She dismissed out of hand Coor's Lite, decaf coffee and tea, and insisted she meant actual water.  I told her not very much.  She told me that I needed to drink a lot of water and I went away relieved and straight into a shop for a crate of it.  After a week, as she foretold, the feeling went away and today I drink as much of it as I can stand.  I still don't like it very much.

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