Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I really would like to hear from my liberal friends about this one.  Why can't we drill for oil here and be independent of the Middle East?  I believe there are two principal reasons: a) it's going to spoil the environment and b) we need to develop other renewable energies.

Well, firstly, once gasoline hits $10 a gallon, you're going to see the environment polluted with people burning anything they can to keep warm, and as for the second, there isn't anything that's as cheap and and plentiful as oil.  The technology just doesn't exist and we have more oil under the US than the entire Middle East. This is a big country and you can't go far on a charge of electricity - what's the distance?  One hundred miles?  And I don't see Al Gore driving a car powered by a windmill!

Around Los Angeles there are several oil fields populated by what they call Nodding Dobbins like these above.  They may not appeal to many people but considering what they do for us I think they have a certain grace.  I've got a bit of land out the back and if they want to stick one or two there it's fine with me.

I have a suggestion: Drill Baby Drill!  Then after a few years let's review the situation.  Or do you like being dependent on Sr. Chavez, or the various sheiks who hold our futures in their oily little hands?  Once we announce a serious return to rapid drilling, watch the price of a barrel of crude drop like a stone!

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