Saturday, March 12, 2011


As many of you know, my eldest son lives in Japan with his wife Eiko, and dog Jassie.  I'm pleased to report that although he was on the 25th floor in his office when the quake struck, and Eiko and Jassie were on the 26th floor in their condo in Yokohama they were all OK.  Michael said it was a life changing experience, not the least due to the duration of the earthquake but also the intensity.  Communications were difficult to begin with but emails got through.  Trains and elevators stopped; people were walking home on freeways.

I have seen some of the engineering that goes into modern buildings and often wondered if it truly worked.  Michael confirms that as this was the worst earthquake in Japan's history it certainly does.  There was no damage to their home.  Also Milestone, the catamaran that we are due to sail in a month, is OK.

In a little tribute to Tokyo THE BIG PICTURE this week is one of Tokyoites going about in their normal lives.

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  1. Good News To Here All Is Well Be Aware Of our Supermoon Is Coming On 19 th Saturday Hope All is to Pass With no Issues (SOCAL)