Friday, March 4, 2011

Fir Trees

On our usual morning walk the other day we passed by a small front yard where the boys like to stop and pick up their p-mail.  Standing there I happened to notice that there were three very different types of fir trees standing next to each other in the yard.  I was also sorry to note that I couldn't give them a name, although I've lived in this alpine setting for twelve years and been coming up her for almost 30.

This lack of knowledge made me realize that most plant and tree names I learned when I was very young - it seems that adults felt it necessary to impart this type of information to all young people back them.  I wonder if they still do it?

Of course, moving to a different country in a very different climate, much of what I knew is somewhat outdated now as most of the flora is totally foreign.  But I do think I have to make the effort and find out the names of our different trees.  So a visit to the local Discovery Center is in my future. 

It's just on the other side of the lake and is a mine of information about all local nature.  In fact it might just be time for me to do another article on the place, as it's quite a feature of Big Bear.

If you go to you can see ten videologues I did about three years ago of my favorite places in the Inland Empire, the Discovery Center is featured on the last of these.

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