Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Open Up!

I'm rather proud to say that we don't own an electric can opener.  I really think that having one is the ultimate in slavery to modernity.  There is nothing wrong with the hand held type although I think it's OK to have moved on from the really old ones that my grandparents used to use.  They left a very nasty jagged edge on the lid that was removed.  But going electric just adds to my "luditeness."
Many years ago I had a friend who's wife was into home management in a big way - used to give classes on it.  Her bete noire was the state of most people's can openers.  She said that the amount of bacteria that built up on the circular blades of openers was often very high and quite dangerous.  It was particularly prevalent in the electric type.  However, I've noticed that tin cans are now coming with those natty little tear off lids, so maybe the old fashioned opener is going the way of the fire bellows or the buggy whip.  In years to come archaeologists will find one and ponder as to what it could possible be for!

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