Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On my first business trip to Spain, the very first customer I met was called Jesus.  It was even printed on his card.  He was the Jefe de Cerebro Electronico, which is what the Spanish were calling computers in those days.  "Computer" was too much like the word for whore, which is puta, so they used this rather quaint alternative - Chief of the Electronic Brain - but I think it's changed now.

However the naming of boys after the Christian deity continues, and even though I'm not very involved in such religious matters I find the name always pulls me up quickly.  Even to my irreverent mind, it seems somewhat blasphemous.

The other day we had some water damage to the house and in order to dry the carpets we had to call on a fellow locally who specializes in such work.  He was called Jesus.  Although he pronounced it Hey-Souss, which made it rather easier to swallow.  I rang him up and he was there within the hour.  Now if the real Jesus could make it as fast as that I'm sure we'd find the churches a lot fuller than at the moment.  His rates were very reasonable, and did not entail a lifetime of devotion either.

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