Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yesterday we had a little accident.  Normally, thanks heavens, we don't think too much about such things but when it happens then you're very aware and grateful for the professionals who take care of our mistakes.

We set out on a ride - five of us on Harleys - to the flatlands.  We left about 10 a.m. when it was still chilly up here in the mountains.  After a stop for gas after 10 miles we journeyed on in single file.  About five miles later on I was aware that we were missing the three headlights I was used to seeing in my rear view mirror.  I usually ride number two.

I caught up with the leader and waited for the others.  There was no sign of Larry.  I went back to find him.  Sadly, yes, there was a hold up with the traffic and I caught sight of him walking around on the other side of the road.

He had for some reason ridden off the road and ended up in a steep little gully having fallen off totally.  He had a big bruise and blood over his eyebrow and also his hand was bleeding.  We tried unsuccessfully to drive his bike out of the gully but it was too far in.  The CHP arrived in a few minutes and a few more later the ambulance arrived.

As we were on a sharp bend and the others had arrived the CHP asked us to move a distance away.  It turned out that none of us knew Larry as he had just joined the ride hearing we were going.  But I walked back to see how he was getting on.  He was in the ambulance and having all the work done on him.  He was OK, just a bit banged up and I was so impressed with the way that the EMT's dealt with it all.  It's wonderful that such a service is available.  Our speeds when we finally left were probably 15% slower than earlier.

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