Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music Track - Thomas Tallis

This is a piece of music that was fist composed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth - the first, and not the current one, the second.  That makes its year of composition around 1567.  This version was written in 1909 by Ralph Vaughan Williams who died in 1958.  It is perhaps the ultimate English music and it sounds like it too.  It takes about ten minutes.
I notice on the U Tube site that 138 people liked this and 3 didn't.  If you fall into the latter category, then  you no doubt will enjoy the video, which again is pure England.
An afterthought is that many years ago I read somewhere that this was considered the ultimate seduction music; no doubt after some oysters and a chilled bottle of good champagne in front of an open fire.  I never tried it!
I found the original Tallis version as well; it lasts about 2 minutes, and is as it must have sounded back all those years ago, it is sung by a choir alone.  I think Vaughan Williams did a wonderful job of his arrangement.  See what you think.

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