Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We were in the check out line of the local supermarket the other day.  A young man was ahead of us and wanted to buy just a packet of cigarettes.  Now these items have become so loaded up with laws that it means an ID check from the checker and then she has to go to some locked cabinet and find the brand required.
It's been close to 30 years since I bought a packet of "fags," and I was amazed to hear that the cost was $6.21.  He had the six dollars but needed to swipe his card for the other 21 cents.  It occurred to me that it was such a shame that he was so broke that he was actually spending his last dollars on cigarettes.  But what do I know of his circumstances.

When he'd gone I asked the checker if that was really the price for a packet and she confirmed it was.  It seemed extremely expensive and I'm glad I'm not buying a couple of packs a day, which I'm afraid to admit I did back in my youth.
Expensive though it is however, one thing is true: The diseases are free!  What's that I hear you say: There's nothing as righteous as a reformed whore!


  1. Ciggies, Fags, Chokes, whatever you call them they are overpriced and very addictive. I have been wishing for a real quit date for 30 years now.

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