Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I think we may be losing our Northern European grit.  Obviously, the reason N. Europeans led the way in the development of culture is mostly to do with weather.  If the sun's always shining you can loll about having fun, but if it's freezing cold and raining, you have to get indoors.  And to do that you have to have some doors to get in!  And once you've put up a building, you have to decorate it and then amuse yourself.  It's not easy.

Now we've been out here in America's playground for nearly 30 years and I think we're starting to lose it.  We've had continuous rain for four days and now it looks like it's going to snow for another three.  I have to say that it's made me rather bad tempered, and S.W.M.B.O. has become somewhat depressed.  Let's face it, when we were back in the old country we would have shrugged this stuff off and just gone down the pub.  Last evening, for Heaven's sake we even canceled a date at a local and stayed home and huddled by the fire.  What the hell has gone wrong with us?


  1. You have lost it! Go to the pub, it curse everything, lol!

  2. A guy as swift as you Trevor doesn't loose anything he hasn't purposely decided to part with. Looking forward to chatting with you again(GOD willing).

    Pssssst........what does "SWMBO" mean? Oh yeah, I have been M.T.F.U lately! ha ha ha.
    I'll be checking in on you again soon. looking forward to more reading.