Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loose Dogs

People should be careful with their dogs up here.  Just because it's "The Mountains" doesn't mean that dogs will revert to their wild state and adapt to natural living.  The small dogs can be, and sometimes are, carried off by coyotes - more on them in an upcoming post.  But even the large ones are in danger, but from coyotes of the human kind.

This is Lakota.  He was the king of the street dogs.  A pure bred Malamute he lived down the road from us and it was always fun to see him trotting around, fully in charge of his domain.  But sadly he was abducted by a visitor and carried off.  We miss him still, although Frankie and Johnny are no doubt relieved that their owners no longer misbehave with Lakota as they were wont to do; in full view of the house as well!

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