Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday's Column - Funplex

We have a new venture in Big Bear.  It's called the Funplex and it's right next to the Bowling Barn; both owned by Bill Ross.  The Funplex is dived into three parts.  A snack bar, pizza place in the front with room for 100 diners, a laser tag area of 2500 square feet at the rear, and in between a place with rides, dodgem cars, and redemption games.  It's quite an area and dominated by the Himalaya Ride - a switchback rollercoaster.
Manager, Jim De Groot has experience running this type of place - that's him on board the Himalaya - and particularly laser tag games.  The building used to house an ice rink at one time, then a roller rink, then a mall with antique businesses.  It is hoped to buy the piece of land between the two places and maybe turn it into a roller rink and also an ice rink in the winter.  It would take it all the way back to its roots.  In the meantime however, if you're tired of the lines at the ski slopes, then the Funplex is a great way for the entire family to have fin.

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