Friday, December 3, 2010


I wrote a piece on the demise of watches and at the time thought that along with this demise is the seeming inability for people to make fixed appointments - particularly with regard to leisure activities.  I've noticed that if you are trying to make a date with people to meet up, there is always the proviso to "check up closer to the day."  Why?  If a date is made, unless there is a medical emergency surely that is the end of it.  Why check later?

Also I notice that people seem to need to call while they are on their way and ask for directions if they, like me, lack a GPS.  Have maps completely disappeared?  It is strange how society alters, and I do try not to fight these types of changes.  However, next summer, I plan to go back to the UK for a visit.  (No it's not to the Royal Wedding, although I expect my invitation daily!)  I can call a friend today and suggest that we meet at say The Cumberland Hotel in the reception area at 12 noon on July 28th and know that he will be there.  We will not need to reconfirm, but then we're old. Of course, if either of us fails to turn up, we will assume the absolute worst and call the widow to ask about funeral arrangements.

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