Friday, December 10, 2010

Size Does Matter

I have a confession to make.  Although I try hard to keep up with technology, there is one small corner where I am dreadfully deficient.  The area of cell phones.  I have one of them of course - have done for the last decade - but it's hardly used and as for the fashion of texting while driving, forget it, I can barely hit the speed dial number to call home, for Heaven's sake.

So as I stood outside the retail premises of my carrier, I felt a little like a young teenage boy outside his very first "gentleman's club." As I eased my way through the doors, I was intimidated by the huge variety of wares available and how little I knew.  I was met by a delightful young lady, who asked how she could help me.  Blushingly, I mumbled my needs and she checked my previous performance on her screen before taking me gently around, explaining what she could do for me.  Knowingly, she allowed me to settle for slightly less than was currently the rage, and there were only a couple of truly embarrassing moments. 

The first was when she asked me to show her what I had.  With trembling and slightly clammy fingers I took it out.  It was pitifully small and it was obvious it had never been used properly.  The other was when she wanted to make a transfer to the new device.  I stuttered that there were only six or seven names on the card; two of them were duplicates and a couple more so outdated that they no longer functioned.  I suspect she had a bit of a giggle in the back room with her colleagues when she performed that service.

I now however am a proud possessor of an iPhone -  not as powerful as a lot of you more experienced fellows, but it's still early days and I hope to catch up with you soon.  Thank you for your patience, Eva!

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