Sunday, December 19, 2010

Music Track for Dec 20th

We officially start winter on the 21st, although it's been damned cold for awhile up here in the mountains.  In celebration of this time of year here is Vivaldi's tribute to the season with his "Winter" from the Four Seasons.  Part of his notes for the music include stamping of the feet to keep warm.

Stravinsky once unkindly said of Vivaldi's music that is was the same old tune played hundreds of different ways.  Rather unfair and as The Seasons has been played - sometimes in Indian Restaurants for Heaven's sake! - for some three hundred years he must have been doing something right.  One is forced to ask how much Stravinsky will be listened to in the 2200's?

The video of this is rather interesting with the masks and views of Venice - wonderful city!

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