Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I wonder if in 100 years people will wear watches at all.  Perhaps collectors will be fighting over Timexes at auctions in Sotheby's.  I've noticed that many young people don't wear them as they have cell phones permanently out and these devices do a wonderful job of keeping time.

The first watch I had was a Christmas present from my parents.  I can still remember it even though it must be 60 years ago.  It had Roman numerals and a curiously shaped case.  It also had a leather strap as it was some time before metal ones became the norm.  I wonder where it is today as it must have been cast out by an insensitive parent along with many of my favorite toys.

My grandfather and great grandfather both wore pocket watches with gold chains across their stomachs; both timepieces ended up with me and I wear one with my tuxedo on cruises.  Undoubtedly watches were a big status symbol, particularly for men, years ago, but now I can see them disappearing in favor of the ubiquitous cell phone.

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