Monday, December 13, 2010


Some years ago I heard George Carlin doing a rant on "Stuff."  He maintained that we all had too much of it.  It's true though that we have a lot more than our ancestors, and of course, there comes the need to store it.  And up here that means a garage - and as big a one as you can get.

The garage we inherited when we bought this house was quite modest - it was built in 1946.  But a few years ago we had it extended.  Incidentally, in order to do this we had 13 inspections by the building department.  Thirteen?  That's the subject for another post, or even a tirade, I think.

However, we now have a garage which is actually sufficient for our needs, but it needs a bit of creativity to pack it full.  This means both motorcycles, both cars, several bikes, and a snow blower.  The luck of it is that it's not a double garage in the fullest meaning of the word; more like two garages next to each other.

I've often thought that if there were only men living on the earth, we would all have just enormous garages.

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