Monday, February 28, 2011

Model Planes

There is an area at the other end of the Valley where a small arifield is laid out for model aricraft.  Most weekends when the wind is not very strong a group of fellows gather to fly their planes.  It's become quite a sophisticated business.
A Small Squadron of Local  Model Planes Ready to Take-off
When I was a kid, model airplane building and flying were very popular - I think I knew every inch of the Keil Kraft catalogue by heart.  Mostly we would build these kits from balsa wood and often they had strips of rubber to power them.  Gliders were very popular too.  It was a serious step to go to petrol driven engines - mostly the famous ED Bee, a 1 c.c. engine that was the staple of the model world, if you could afford them, of course.

Recently, there has been a big revolution in model plane power, with electrical engines driven by batteries.  They can keep a plane aloft for up to 20 minutes, and without the annoying buzz.  Of course, these planes cost a lot, but the standard of the men who fly them is extremely high.  If I had the patience, I might try it.

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