Monday, February 14, 2011

Formal Night

Last night was the first formal night on board.  We always look forward to this evening as it makes the ugly people a lot more attractive.  And boy, have we got a crop of ugly ones on board this time.  Now, I'm not suggesting that they be punished for their appearance but if they are that way, I think they owe it to the rest of us to try a little harder.  There is nothing more upsetting than the sight of a 350 pounder in tear-offs and flip-flops pushing a tray around the buffet area, while sweating.  I know a lot of the more sensitive of you are going to think this is unfair, but then I would make the suggestion that life is most definitely unfair.
However it could be a lot better if the ugly ones dressed up a little more.  Perhaps a tax on the entire thing could be arranged so that we could all benefit.

Dressed up Nicely - We hope
We are currently off the coast of Cabo San Lucas; today is an all day at sea day, with our first stop in Puerta Vallarta tomorrow.  She Who Must Be Obeyed is off sampling the many things that are available for the discriminating cruiser: Yoga for the incontinent; Underwater embroidery; African mythology; Line dancing for the insane; Things to do with very sharp knives, and everything else that Princess believes is necessary to enjoy "Your well-deserved cruise!" Which the loudspeakers remind us of. How do they know that?


  1. You two look goooooood. Ya know, If I were on that cruise I would think, "those two must be British dignitaries"

  2. Well done. Yvonne looks just great and you look at ease in your tux. Puttin on the ritz is something we are required to do and we should embrace doing so just to please our fairer partners who so love those moments seeing us well wrapped. best to you both.