Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday's Column - Mount Baldy

The attitude of the Forest Service to my innocent request for information at its visitor's center in Mount Baldy was the subject of a Tirade some weeks ago.  I still find it incredible that these public servants refused to help me with the most basic information and sent me across the road to the "lady who runs the Lodge, she knows everything!"  Mount Baldy is another skiing resort but its runs are more challenging, also they are only accessible from one chair lift which then takes you up to the snow.

Mt Baldy's First Lift to Take You to the Snow

The village is quite small, and the center is dominated by the aforementioned lodge, which is full of roaring log fires, wooden furniture and steaming food; a comfortable place.  It's been several years since I made the trip, and I regret the absense, particularly to the lodge.

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