Saturday, February 5, 2011


On the 12th we are disappearing again for another week's cruise.  I say "again" as we tend to do this when we can.  Originally I was very resistant to the idea, having seen people wandering around off these big ships looking miserable and somewhat lost.
Big Ship Plus a Small Woman with a Mexican Suitcase
However, She Who Must Be Obeyed rather put her foot down some ten years ago and insisted I stop being silly.  Once on board one of these huge vessels, I was hooked, and now we go away most years.

This time the ship is the Sapphire Princess, a sister ship of the one on the left.  It's 116,000 tons and its 900 crew can comfortably cater to 2000 passengers.

Imagine a large hotel with all the facilities you could wish for, and then let it float around on the ocean, with occasional stops to buy junk, and that's a cruise, if you've never been on one. If you want peace and quiet then there are plenty of places to escape on board. If you want good food then there's lots of that and as much as you could possibly want.  However, some people come aboard with the intention of being offloaded as freight.  Frightening!  I'll keep you in touch as we progress into the province of the drug cartels!

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