Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Now I have to say that in the case of animals I'm a bit of a softy.  I'm not fond of snakes, and most creepy crawlies, but most every other creature I enjoy.  And that includes mice.  But like most women, S.W.M.B.O. is not a fan.

We have a vacation/weekend house at the other end of the valley and as such we don't go there too often - maybe every six weeks or so.  This means that when we turn up there has often been evidence of small intruders.

The last time we were over, Madam found a pile of peanuts neatly place under the duvet.  It seems the little chaps had hit on a stash and were moving them in having chosen the site as the best for storage.  She was not amused.  "The mice have to go!"
I have used the same traps for some time, and there has been evidence that the mice have been nibbling at the cheese and peanut butter I use as bait.  Obviously it was time for an upgrade.

I bought four new traps and found them very sensitive; almost impossible to disturb and hard to set, but they have done the job.  We called in the other day and finally found no corpses.  The score over the previous week however had been 11.  Does that qualify as an infestation?  I do hate killing the little fellows though.

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