Friday, February 4, 2011


What is going on in Egypt is truly scary.  I had the experience of being in Tehran in 1979 about three weeks before the Shah was deposed.  No one believed he could be thrown out, as he was supposed to be the strong man of the Middle East.

As it happened he went and the black clothed cleric arrived from Paris to take over.  I had friends out there and they reported that the first thing that happened was the invasion of western hotels, where the bars were broken into and the booze taken out and poured into the wide ditches (jubes) that ran down both sides of the streets.  Up until then Tehran was a pretty wonderful place with an open society and attractive women everywhere.

If the riots in Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt allow the mullahs to take over this great swathe of land then we'll be looking at another Caliphate from Afghanistan to the edge of the Mediterranean across from Gibraltar.  Happy Days!

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