Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday's Column - RAFFMA

Sunday's column was about RAFFMA.  That is the new name for the art museum at California State University, San Bernardino.  On my visit there, it was pointed out to me that along with every other aspect of life, in tough times, art has to pull in its horns a little.
Eva Kirsch, pictured here, is the director of the museum and she told me that they now have to be a little more careful in selecting exhibitions as they are expensive to put on.

Therefore they are currently showing some local artists whose works under Eva's care are shown off to great effect.

Also on show is some work by the Russian artist Nicholas Smoliakov, who was the director of Russian Life, a magazine devoted to showing how wonderful things were in the USSR!  He could not produce his real art until Gorbachev took over from the old men.

The permanent exhibition is of ancient art and there is a lot to see if you make the trip.  The Web site is

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