Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday's Column - Justice Brothers Museum

Sunday's column was about a little known museum in Duarte.  It's the main office of Justice Brothers who manufacture car care products.  It was back in the 40's when three brothers came out from Kansas to build midget racing cars.  In my ignorance, I thought that these were cars for very small people, but was assured that they were in fact small cars for normal people, but very popular to race in those days.

There are well over 100 cars on show at this interesting place including some "exotics."  This is an Isetta which was one of the popular "Bubble" cars seen around English roads in the 60's.  The original model made in Italy had two small rear wheels, but for the UK market this was reduced to one, making it the same as a motorcycle, and therefore cheaper to license.

It had one serious problem.  The only door was the entire front end and if you parked up against a wall, you couldn't get out.  There was no reverse and so you had to wait until someone could push you back to open the door.  You only made that mistake once, I think.

Justice Brothers is only open during business hours from Monday to Friday.  Their Web site is

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