Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aging - Speed

Ono of the most obvious signs of aging for me is that I'm starting to appreciate speeding limits!  Now, aboard a motorcycle they are a better guide for speed than in a car, but nonetheless, after a lifetime of seriously exceeding the speed limit, I'm finally getting into line.
Of course, I'm assisted in this by our wonderful CHP (California Highway Patrol), who have decided that our local roads are a bastion for earnings that have shrunk because of economic problems - and we need to keep those pensions and benefits going!  You don't see the CHP doing much on the freeways these days, as everyone is going about 75, which seems to fit with the local conditions.  But by golly, if you go 35 through Running Springs, you'd better look out!
I remember the days when a new road was an immediate challenge to see just how fast I could get her up to.  Ah, the memories!

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