Friday, June 10, 2011

New Memorial

Watching the recent Royal Wedding I noticed a new memorial along Whitehall.  Having left England close to 30 years ago, it's noticeable that some things have changed since my departure and this is one. 
My friend Paul, ever helpful in checking stuff out for me, sent me the information that the new memorial is in fact not that new.  It was dedicated in 2006 by the Queen, and it is a memorial to all the women - some 7 million - who served in WWII.
This link will show you some of the details of the bronze monument.
I had an aunt who served as a WRAC - Women's Royal Army Corps - as an ambulance driver.  The horrors of her experience turned her hair into very wiry stuff - like a Brillo pad.  She was a very nice women, but always struggled with her hair.

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