Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gas Prices

The subject of gasoline prices came up the other day in an email I received.  Of course, we are laboring here with $4 a gallon costs, and there's no doubt it's affecting things badly.  However, be grateful that you don't live in the UK where the costs are far more.
I'm indebted to my friend Paul for the arithmetic here as it's way outside my puny skills.  Currently, gas, or petrol as it's called in the UK, is dispensed in liters.  And it's one pound thirty-three pence per liter.  So the math goes like this and remember that the US gallon is smaller than it's UK counterpart.
One US gallon equals 3.783 liters.  At 1 pound 33 pence times 1.6, which is the current exchange rate, it comes out to $8.05 a gallon.  Phew, and we thought it was bad here.  At least in the UK they don't normally have to drive quite so far.

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