Saturday, June 4, 2011


When we arrived out here, we had no idea about Mexicans.  Our knowledge consisted of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (Who it turned out was actually a Jewish bloke from the better part of LA) and Speedy Gonzalez.  Not an impressive in-depth amount!  We also had the idea that Mexicans sat in blankets under huge sombreros - like this one.

In fact in nearly thirty years I have never seen a Mexican wear a sombrero unless it's in a mariachi band.  Also far from being lazy, Mexicans in general work like heck, and a lot of businesses would close without their efforts.
I employed Roy, his name is really Rojilio, for several years when I managed a condominium complex.  He also comes around when I need him to clear all the brush from around the house.  Even after being here for about 15 years, his English is still very bad, but he is 100% reliable and works very hard.  He has a wife here and five daughters all of whose English is fine.  He doesn't wear a sombrero!

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