Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday's Column - Arrowhead Springs

This Sunday's column is about a famous resort down the hill called Arrowhead Springs.  It was so famous that when it was opened in December, 1939 Judy Garland and Al Jolson were among the artists broadcast "throughout the nation" on CBS radio.  It was designed to be the biggest resort for those wanting to escape from Los Angeles in the days before Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

This fellow was sculpted in 1920 to point the way to the original hot springs resort, and still stands at the entrance of the tree lined avenue up to the main hotel.

Today Arrowhead Springs is owned by an evangelical organisation and is used for retreats and conferences.  It is not opened to the public although the organisers are trying to widen the usage.

I  hope they succeed as this is a wonderful place to look around and you can almost feel the presence of the stars of yesteryear.

Elizabeth Taylor spent her wedding night here with Nicky Hilton - the first of her seven husbands.

The resort is also built on top of a hot spring with the hottest water of any spa in the world.

The original reception area

The cabana pool

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