Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Bridge

We have a new bridge to take the place of the one going over the dam.  It opens today after some two years of construction.  It was expected that it would open last December, but the weather turned bad and that put a long hold on it.

Looking west here, you can see the new bridge above and alongside the old one.  The original bridge will still be used by pedestrians and cyclists, but motorized traffic will use the new one.  The cost was $39 million.
Today we have a load of  "important" officials arriving for the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Now here's an idea; as California is completely broke and unable to pass a budget, how about all these big wigs stay in their offices working and not fiddling about here, to do what?  Just a thought!

P.S. I went down the repaired front way earlier in the week and I have to say that the repairs that they recently completed over the last six months look really good. Nothing to do with the new bridge, of course.

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