Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Canoeing - Revisit

I was asked by a reader the other day to explain a little more about the canoeing episode that I posted last week.  It was a reprint of the article that I wrote for my regular weekly column in the The Sun back in 2004.  As I like to take Evan on the odd assignment, he accompanied me on this little trip that the local Discovery Center has in its visitor's guide each summer.

This isn't Evan and me, but it might have been - before the "event."
As I said in the article, we had some instruction in the ways of paddling around Fawnskin Bay, but it did not include the important words: "If you drop your paddle, don't lean out to retrieve it!"  It would be a useful thing to say at the start, especially if there is a nine year old aboard.  Sadly the inevitable happened and Evan did drop his paddle, and began to lean out before I was able to disabuse him of the exercise.  The result was a speedy exodus from the canoe with resulting splash.  I have to say he was extremely scared, and after flapping around for a minute or so, I put my foot down and found that we were only in about four feet of water.  I was able to wade ashore with him in tow, and we waved goodbye to our fellow boaters, who had retrieved our canoe.  On the way back in the car, we talked up our courage significantly and revelled in the prospect of greeting grandma in our drenched condition.  It was as spectacular a homecoming as either of us could have hoped for!  We talk of it to this day.

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