Thursday, June 2, 2011


My friend Paul, in England, wanted me to do a piece on my camera and why I use that particular model.  Well, I use a Canon Powershot S1 IS and it's a bit like this one.

In fact this one is a little younger I think as I bought mine in the summer of 2004.

Until then I was using a Nikon 35mm which I bought second hand in the local pawn brokers.  He was rather impressed that I asked to try it out and then took several shots with a ten picture roll, removed the roll gave him back the camera, and went off to the local fast developer.  I then came back and showed him the results and bought the camera.

I went digital after I had an upset in a canoe with my grandson on the lake - lost the camera and my dignity all in one fell swoop.  Until then I used to have pictures developed, mail them off to The Sun and they would scan the photos in.  Rather unwieldy and I converted to digital once the Nikon was at the bottom of the lake.  As for the choice of model, well, it was the one the salesman in Best Buy recommended.  He did a good job as it is a very good camera.

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