Thursday, January 13, 2011


Like most people I was shocked at the tragic events of the recent assassination in Tucson.  However at the time I heard of it two things struck me immediately.  Firstly, there would be non-stop coverage by EVERY news media outlet ALL the time; secondly, this might encourage politicians to become even more remote from their constituents.  I also did wonder if some sort of evidence would be uncovered that the shooter was linked to a right wing outfit, like the tea party.  They're never linked to left wing ones, of course!

As suspected there was immediate and lasting coverage by every news hack who could drag up the necessary fare down to Arizona and file up-to-the-minute reports of the injured parties, particularly Gabrielle Gifford who was the main target.

I found the hysteria directed towards talk radio and right wing thought predictable and of course, totally foolish.  But let's say the loony who pulled the trigger happened to have a leaflet from Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh in his pocket, what would have happened then?  One can only imagine.  But the loony actually had Karl Marx on his reading list as well as Hitler, so it seemed everyone had a piece of blame!

My main question about these types of tragedies is why are so many people obsessed with trying to find out why the loony did it?  He's a loony!

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