Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think Oswald's window is the third up
The other evening I watched yet another conspiracy enthusiast explaining how it was some group of people and not Lee Harvey Oswald who killed Kennedy back in November 1963.  He had all sorts of documents and films and computer models to substantiate his claim.  Like most of those who were around back then I can still recall the horror of hearing that this icon, who was so revered, had been shot.  Kennedy was felt to be a truly special President, although over the years his image has become a little tarnished.

I was taken to the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas many years ago by a good friend, and I think it helped to put the entire episode in some sort of context for me.  I also read Norman Mailer's 800 page tome, Oswald's Tale, and although I was no fan of the author's political stripe he was no dunce.  He was also extremely thorough in acquiring all the facts.

The truth is that like Princess Diana, there are only a few really bright stars in our world, and to have them snuffed out by either a shabby little man, like Oswald, or killed in a stupid traffic accident is somehow so unbelievable that many just can't accept the reality.

In the case of JFK, so many years have passed and knowing the human need to confess, there has never been a serious alternative to Oswald sticking his Italian rifle out of the corner window and firing off the necessary shots.  The world changed that day however, and those who were aware of it will never forget.

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