Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday's Column - Skating

Sunday's column was about a roller skating rink in Fontana - Roller City +.  It was an interesting place to visit on the second occasion.  The first time I went there the place was empty apart from the proprietors who were nonetheless very helpful.

I used to be pretty good on skates when I was about 10, and when we arrived in the US, we found ourselves living next to Venice Beach where nearly everyone seemed to be whizzing along on little wheels.

I naturally assumed that the skill, like bike riding, would live permanently in the muscles and so shrugging off the suggestion of renting, I charged head long into a major purchase of equipment.

At the first occasions we donned our skates and also all the necessary padding and pushed off.  Oh the horrors!  In the intervening 30-odd years the muscles had definitely forgotten their early lessons.  We were a couple of stumbling old fools staggering from one vertical  handhold to the next. 

At the first opportunity we sat down and tore off the boots and on returning home consigned them to a box in the deepest recesses of the garage, never to be worn again.  It was with this bitter memory that I declined the opportunity to join the skaters on my visit; but I did envy them though. It really looked like fun.  You can read the entire article at

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