Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It seems that tattoos are a part of modern life and if I were young today, I wonder if peer pressure would mean I too would have one?  It's not a happy thought. I can't think of any design that I would want to have on me for life.  Then there is the etiquette of dealing with tattoos in a new relationship.  Suppose you were confronted with this on disrobing. What are you supposed to
say?  One could hardly ignore it, but it could somewhat upset the proceedings a little.  Then there is the problem of how much applause you should pour on.  Too little and you come off like a boor; too much and the entire episode is turning into an art show which maybe nobody wanted.  All very confusing, but I do hope the wearer gives a warning.

I remember once visiting a female executive in a bank in Bahrain.  It was a Wednesday and although very Arabic, she was dressed in basic business style - very western.  I returned on the Sunday - the Muslim weekend having occurred in between.  She was as she appeared earlier.  However her hands were heavily tattooed. Naturally my eyes were drawn to the sight but I didn't say anything.

The friend I was staying with told  me that the tattoos were in fact henna and would wash off eventually in about a week.  But they were there as she no doubt had been to a big party in the desert.  It was a strange business though, and led me to recall the old saying or one slightly changed: You can take the girl out of  the desert.... well, you know the rest.

Being a rather shallow person the sight of the tattoos did somewhat alter my feelings towards the exec.

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