Friday, January 7, 2011


The friend who sent me the information that VAT had increased to make a pint of beer cost more than three pounds, did so because he and I were in a pub in Wimbledon many years ago.  Beer had gone up to some unacceptable amount and we were laughing at the possibility of it reaching two pounds; a figure truly laughable back then.
It made me think about beer in general, and those who know me personally know that I have been known to shift the odd pint.  Even the American stuff, which compared to English ...well, there is no comparison.

Americans do have some confusion about British beer and its temperature.  Firstly it's not warm!  The correct temperature is cellar temperature.  It's not brewed to be ice cold however, as that kills the flavor.

Also the glass you drink out of has gone through some changes over the decades.  For years "gentlemen" used to drink beer out of mugs like the one here.  Then strangely, as beer became more and more refined, with smaller breweries producing local brews, the thinner straight glasses, which had only been used in the "Public Bar," began to appear.  It was said to make the beer taste better.  I shall be going back to the UK in the summer, and frankly I won't give a hoot what they pour it into or even what it costs, as it's nectar!  Cheers!

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