Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One of the odd names that one passes on the Ten Freeway near Ontario, CA is Etiwanda.  I've had to visit the small village of Etiwanda a few times to do pieces on the Chaffey Garcia house and so I found out about the name.  Firstly, the entire area was developed in 1877 by George Chaffey Senior.  He had come out of Ontario, Canada to spend time with an aging relative.  It was Chaffey who gave Ontario, CA its name.

He bought a house for his son in the small village of Etiwanda and it was the first in S/Bernardino to have electric light - you could see the bulb all the way from Redlands where some relatives lived.

It was Chaffey who also gave Etiwanda its name.  It belonged to a distant relative who happened to be an Indian chief in his old home in Canada.  How exotic!

I'm sure this picture does not represent the original in any way but it was the best I could find in the Morgue File, whose library I regularly visit for illustrations

So the next time you travel east or west on the 10 Freeway and you see the name Etiwanda come up, you'll know what it means.  Now I wonder what Miliken means as that's the next turning?

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