Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dressing Up

My local is having a '70's night this week.  I shall not attend.  I don't like dressing up much and even though I'm sure I've got a bit of clothing that old in the recesses of my wardrobe, I don't think I want to drag it out and parade it around.  So it could be said I'm not a fancy dress kind of guy.

Now if I had access to the sort of outfit this fellow is wearing, maybe I could be reasonably happy, but it's not likely to be available up here.  I think he's some sort of Russian by the look of him - I particularly like the medals he's wearing too.

We have a number of people here who regularly dress up in cowboy garb, we even have Old Miner's Days which last throughout August.  It allows the more exhibitionist of our population to express themselves.  Later on there is a Renaissance Faire (note the extra "e!")  Here, people really go to town in what they believe the residents of England used to stroll around in during the 16th century.

I have not mentioned to them that at the time most people were actually wearing rags and didn't take baths very often.  There was also an almost total absence of sewers and teeth, which I'm sure added to an atmosphere of some challenge.

But I guess I could turn out if I had decent outfit, but certainly not a renaissance one.  Maybe a Russian soldier/sailor/airman would do nicely.

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